Consulting & Testing Services

Santa Rosa Valley Geological Fault, Camarillo, CAGEOLOGIC AND GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES

Gold Coast GeoServices provides the following geologic and geotechnical services:

  • Engineering Geologic and Soils Engineering Feasibility Studies
  • Geologic and Soils Engineering Investigations for Project Planning and Permits
  • Geology Escrow Reports
  • Soils Testing Laboratory (City of Los Angeles Certified)
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Earthquake Engineering and Liquefaction Studies
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Water Well Siting Studies
  • Percolation Testing / Design of Septic Systems
  • On site Consultation During Construction or Repair of Septic Systems
  • Pavement Design
  • Retaining Wall Design (including Segmental Walls)
  • On site Grading Consultation, Compaction Testing (Nuclear gauge certified)
  • On site Consultation During Foundation and Wall Construction
  • Forensic Investigations / Expert Witness

Avoiding Geological problems with a competent geotechnical consultantsGeologic Escrow Reports

Geologic or soils hazards significantly impact the safety or value of many properties throughout southern California. Geologic hazards such as faulting, earthquakes, landslides, expansive soil, and man-made hazards resulting from improper grading techniques or improper foundation construction techniques, vary from site to site.  Each property has unique geologic conditions that can affect property value or property usage.  Gold Coast GeoServices can provide affordable, on-site geologic evaluations  to help buyers and sellers to understand the geologic conditions and development history that are unique to each site.  By utilizing this service during the escrow phase of a land or home purchase, potential buyers can make sure that the property is not adversely impacted by geologic hazards; or if geologic hazards are identified from the geologic evaluation, we can make recommendations and provide estimates of costs to minimize or prevent future damages from geologic hazards.  We can also explain the geotechnical process in planning or permitting for future property improvements, including septic systems for properties that are not serviced by a municipal sewerage system.

Septic System / Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Many properties in southern California do not have access to municipal sewerage disposal service and require septic systems for onsite treatment and disposal of wastewater.  Gold Coast GeoServices provides consultation, geologic analysis, groundwater determination, percolation testing, and design services for all types of septic systems and Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS).  This service is oftentimes performed in addition to the many other geotechnical services we can provide for any project.

Soil Testing and Engineering

Our soil testing laboratory is a City of Los Angeles Certified Soils Testing Laboratory.  All of our soil tests are performed in strict accordance with current ASTM and Cal Trans test standards.  Our soil testing equipment is routinely calibrated to assure data quality control.  We utilize both nuclear testing gauge and sand cone for on site testing during grading.  We make sure that the soils testing program is right to meet the project requirements.  Our soils technicians are State Certified Radiation and Nuclear Gauge Safety Specialists.

Soil Testing Laboratory Technician, ASTM Soil Sample Canisters for soil testing SoilTest Soil Testing Equipment